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Lean Burn Fat Burner - Green Tea Extract with EGCG - Appetite Suppressant, Metabolism & Thermogenesis Booster (2-Pack)

  • Lean Burn Fat Burner: Green tea fat burner formula. Green tea leaf extract is packed with antioxidants and EGCG (epigallocatechin) which support increased energy, stamina, and thermogenesis and help curb appetite.
  • Digestive metabolism booster: This herbal weight loss and detox supplement contain polyphenols that help reduce abdominal bloating, support digestion and work as an appetite suppressant, helping you lose more weight.
  • Lean Burn Fat Burner- Natural brain boost. The properties in Green Tea Extract can help to increase cognition and memory processing to give your brain the fuel it needs.
  • Lean Burn Fat Burner - Supports detox program. These green tea pills are formulated to support detoxification programs, promoting healthy digestion and supporting healthy liver function.
  • Premium ingredients. This premium Green Tea Leaf Extract formula gives you a steady energy increase throughout the day - without the jitters! Our green tea capsule formula is third-party tested and formulated in the USA.

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