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Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Capsule for Antioxidant, Blood Sugar & Joint Support (3-Pack)

  • Made with Pure Organic Ceylon Cinnamon: Ceylon Cinnamon supplement, made with pure and natural ingredients, is a powerful antioxidant, free of GMO ingredients. Ceylon Cinnamon helps with weight management, helps with joint pain, and serves as a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. For many, inflammation is the root of all aches and pains. Whether it’s arthritis, joint pain, and even certain types of headaches, the pain can be due to inflammation in many instances. It’s a systemic problem for many people and Ceylon cinnamon’s anti-inflammatory properties can potentially be of great help with inflammation.
  • Ceylon cinnamon helps to boost HDL cholesterol, which is good cholesterol. This improves total cholesterol and can assist in reducing the health risks associated with cholesterol.
  • Sourced directly from Ceylon (Sri Lanka): Our pure cinnamon ingredients are sourced directly from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) hence the name Ceylon Cinnamon. The Ceylon Cinnamon powder used is the highest quality available and is in high demand, thus more expensive than the common Cassia Cinnamon. 
  • This is the most effective and safest type of Cinnamon Supplement 

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