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Lesson 5 (Week 1): Using the mind to lose weight

The mind can be the greatest competitor in your weight loss journey. 

Psychologists use the term Cognitive Distortion where the mind convinces us of our irrational thoughts. It results in making assumptions where we make bad choices or careless decisions, without thinking thoroughly about what is better for ourselves.

To explain it more further, let us give an example. An employee decided to order a green salad for lunch. Suddenly, it pops in his mind that his colleagues will say something or tease him with the food choice. Thinking about it, he changed his food to a more socially accepted one that will go with his lifestyle.

The way we think should not affect our goals, just like the weight loss plan. There are a lot of ways that our mind can trick us that will shift our attention to negative thoughts.

Battle the negativity by sticking to the plan, and see a better future with a healthier body.

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