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Week 2 Lesson 3: Understanding your metabolism

Three important factors that help your metabolism:


  1. Get strong with exercise
  2. Keep moving
  3. Eat more protein (watch out daily consumption intake)


  1. Using our body, machines, or free weights or strength training is a crucial part of the weight-loss equation. It helps reduce lean muscle tissue you lose, and also helps you develop new muscle tissue, which is important for metabolism. 
  2. Studies show that folks who change their diet and exercise versus those who just change their diet lose about an equivalent amount of weight. Exercise plays a crucial role once you've lost weight. However, focus on movement like walking, active commutes, using stairs...etc. 
  3. Recently, research shows that a higher portion than normal protein intake can help preserve energy expenditure and fat-free mass. In other words, eating more protein can potentially stop the metabolic slowdown.
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