Lesson 4 (Week 1): The power of steps

Did you know that walking every day is good for the heart, which reduces the risk of stroke? It also improves cardiovascular and pulmonary health, improves balance, and reduces body fat. Turning away from a sedentary lifestyle may be hard, but having at least 2000 steps a day would be a great start. You may use a smartwatch, fitness band, or a pedometer to help you track the number of steps.

Every time you reach your goal, it is recommended to add an additional 300 steps whenever you reach your daily goal. Keep doing it until 10000 steps are reached daily. Don’t attempt to do the 10000 steps right away, it can make anyone feel tired easily. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends 10000 steps per day, as it contributes to a healthier body.