Lesson 7 (Week 1): The importance of mental health

Most people don't realize the importance of mental and emotional health in the weight loss journey. From all the efforts you are now exerting on your physical health, here are some tips that can help you feel better from within.

  1. Start with positivity.

Try to be more optimistic, and start appreciating the small things in life. However, this still includes recognition of your other emotions. 

  1. Get A Break

Take a break from things that brings you stress. It doesn't mean abandoning them, especially those that require attention. Sometimes you just need a breather.

  1. Self-approval

Congratulate yourself whenever you have a job well done. Avoid criticizing yourself as it lowers your self-esteem.

  1. Connecting with the ones you love.

Sometimes, a quick chat with our friends or family makes our day feeling better. More than ever, technology helps make it easier.

If you truly know yourself, you know what will truly make your emotional and mental health better. Pay attention to this aspect of your life too, as these contribute to a healthier you!