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Week 1 Lesson 5: Mindful eating

Mindful eating


Sit down: Sitting down at a table when eating.

Slow down: Slowing down your day and taking 15-20 minutes ‘off’ can help you be more 'on' during other times.

Enjoy: In today's world, especially, eating is social. Meals are spent exchanging stories, laughing, and enjoying the company of others. Stress level = 0.


Tip 1: Make it an event


This is a 2-step process.


Think about the time you were invited to a celebration or a concert. Were you told the party starts at 8:00 pm? Events are time-bound.


Step 1: Set an eating schedule.


For example:

Breakfast at 7:30 am

Lunch at 12:00pm

Snack at 3:30 pm

Dinner at 6:30 pm


Your schedule is often flexible, but once you're mindful about the once you eat, you're more likely to be aware of what you eat.


Step 2: Establish a beginning, middle (that's the tasty part), and ending.


Eating a snack at 3:30 pm means fetching your snack of choice (the beginning), sitting down during an eating area (the middle), and shutting the bag, or storing your Tupperware to return to what you were doing beforehand (the end).


Because electronics make us eat more.


Tip 2: Remove distractions

People who ate in front of the TV always eat more. And guess again: these people even eat more throughout the rest of the day.


So toss your TV, iPhone, laptop, iPad, Kindle, and each one of your other fancy gadgets out the window. When you want to watch TV, then watch TV. When it's time to eat, then eat. Just don't mix the two, or you'll discover you ate quite you planned.


The more you hear yourself chew, the less you eat. 


Do you read the news with breakfast? Do I scroll through your Facebook feed at lunch? Do I snack at your computer at work? Do i eat dinner before the TV?


Now believe how you'll ditch your distraction. Could you ask a coworker to hitch you outside to eat your lunch break? Could you keep your food within the break room and make it some extent to enjoy your snack there when hunger strikes? Could you create a "no food outside the kitchen" policy to avoid watching Netflix at dinner?

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