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Week 1 Lesson 1: Daily Calorie Budget

Calorie budget:


  1. Your daily calorie burn:

If you're female, that's: 1.2 x [655 + 9.6 x Your Weight (kg) + 1.8 x Your Height (cm) - 4.7 x Your Age (years)]

If you're male, that's: 1.2 x [66 + 13.7 x Your Weight (kg) + 5 x Your Height (cm) - 6.8 x Your Age (years)]

This is the amount of calories you'd got to eat to maintain your current weight.


  1. We access your weight loss goal:

To reduce , you'd wish to eat fewer calories than your daily burn. To help you with the calorie balance and lose 1 kg (or 2.2 lbs), we subtract about 500 calories from your budget. Studies show that it’s a safe and life-long weight loss goal.

  1. You understand your budget:

Today, you begin to log your meals and work towards staying within your personalized calorie budget. you'd possibly be slightly surprised by your calorie budget, but remember, that number is simply to start out out. the goal of this budget is to find out where you're immediately within the long run.

For now, remember:

Give it a shot!

Going over does not imply failure.

Adjusting it later if you want.
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