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Week 1 Lesson 4: Control your food portions

Control your portions


You always knew controlling your portions was important, but do you know how to do it?


Tip 1: Put it on a plate


If you choose your food right out of the fridge all day long, your stomach and your mind drift away,  we do not want that. Putting your food on a plate helps your stomach and your mind register that you are merely eating.


Tip 2: Make that plate a side plate


Putting your food on a side plate can add two fascinating ways:

  1. It reduces the quantity of food you eat
  2. You would possibly find yourself thinking you're eating and successively eating fewer calories overall.


But why?


The quantity of white space around a given object (the food)  influences the thing’s perceived size (portion).



Tip 3: Use three types of foods that you can eat a day:


“Green foods” and vegetables: Eat lots in small bowls, small plates, cups, etc.

“Moderate level” foods: Eat moderate amounts in partial cups, fistfuls, handfuls, etc.

“Limit level” foods: Eat small quantities in tbsps, tsps, thumbs, etc.


There are many healthy “limit level” foods (nuts, seeds, olive oil, you name it!), they're just healthy in smaller portions.


Tip 4: Measure your food


Using food scales, measuring cups, and measuring spoons isn't something you would like to do forever. But it is a good tool to assist you in learning proper portions, so you recognize what proportion is the correct quantity when you're out at restaurants, parties, or other social events.


Having to guess what percentage cups of pasta or ounces of fish you're eating results in decision fatigue. Besides: most people are bad at estimating calories (people underestimate their calorie intake by 600 calories every day!).

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