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Lesson 5 (Week 2): Better food preparation

As mentioned, weight loss always felt like deprivation. However, another trick to get you more appetite on the kind of food you are eating now is by getting inspiration from your favorite restaurants.

Restaurants may always sound unhealthy, but some of their practices will help.

  1. How it is cooked

Think of a more creative way to cook your food. Instead of the usual boiling and blanching, you can try using the oven to have crispier vegetables. 

  1. Switching to the low-calorie dense foods.

Remember these foods as it gives you more serving while sticking to your calorie budget. Be creative in preparing them!

  1. Add some taste.

Healthy foods are boring because most people don't know how to make them tastier. For example, instead of using salt, you can use natural herbs and spices.

Doing these will help you give you a better perception of the foods that you eat. It will help you make better choices.

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